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Times media is a pioneering INS accredited advertising platform with a staunch and stoic extant in media and entertainment industry. The principles and distinguishing features of Times Group being the determined and resolute conviction in the value of Brands and the integral role they play in consumers' lives and it has incessantly and with sheer cognizance taken into use efficacious Internet, Electronics, Digital Marketing and Outdoor media advertising and other marketing tools to meet its objectives. On the part of an agency which idealizes the concept of imbibing a 360° approach for its clients and partners, it has created its own distinct identity of itself as an in-house media advertising agency, a dependable and bonafide outdoor and Electronic ad agency as well as an innovative and potent Creative Agency amongst others. And in the process, we have always supported our clients in eliciting the utmost benefits of emerging new media tools and contemporary advertising trends and ephemeral tastes changing rapidly with the change in people's mindset. As an innovative media agency, Times media is a collective collaboration of professionals having substantial and empirical experience in brand building as a consolidated, creative and media planning and buying agency catering to a variegated and diverse array of industries Viz., Entertainment, Real Estate, FMCG, Durables, Telecommunications, Retail and Finance.
Times media partaking the vivid colours of human experience and perceptibility- Feelings, ideas, Emotions and thoughts? We help in flourishing the notion of ideology and thought formation in life. That is what we do for our brands too. We take into use the stronghold of communication in order to showcase the ideas and notions which lead to the establishment of brands in a more worthy way and with utter meaningfulness.

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